I'm Tom Nery and this is my home page featuring my new hobby Flying. Here you will find some pictures of my more important aviation accomplishments and some general pictures of my airplane and trips we've made. I hope you enjoy your visit.

We are based at Mansfield (1B9), a wonderful airport with great people. That lovely lady next to me in the red poncho is Sharon. It's great to have such a supportive partner and friend!

Here we are turning from base to our final approach to 32. A very good condition tar runway. Try it out someday, I'm sure you'll like it.

April 8th, 2003 - The idea gets planted

While visiting friends in Austin, I had the luck (Sharon may disagree) to sit in their Baron Twin. When I told Stan that I always wanted to fly, he asked, "So why don't you?" The rest is now history!

That's Debbie, Sharon and Dash (Deb and Stan's Hound) next to the plane.

The Day I Soloed, June 24th, 2003

It was a beautiful day at Mansfield Municipal Airport (1B9), calm winds and not a cloud to be seen. It didn't hurt that there was no traffic this morning - guess it pays to take lessons in the summer at 7:00AM.

Here I am with the Cessna Skyhawk 172R that I soloed in. A really nice day and a very nice plane

Here I am again, this time with my instructor Erich Richardson.

Just Looking

In August (of course before I had my license) I started looking at airplanes. Of course I was Just Looking. As luck would have it (of course Sharon may call it something else) an ad in a local aviation paper listed two Cherokee 180's at the Lawrence airport.

After a lot of thought and a test flight, I made an offer of N9576J on my birthday August 17th. Gotta admit Sharon does treat me extremely well.

A Six Minute Cross Country???

September 21st, 2003.

As luck would have it, when tallying my hours (and minutes) in preparation for scheduling my check ride, I was short 6 minutes of cross Country time. As a result I had to do a third cross country flight (more than 50 nautical miles one way with a wheel touch at the destination airport). For my cross country I flew Chatham, Ma. A lovely little airport on the elbow of the Cape.

As you will note the day was very hazy - but at least I got it done!

My First Annual

Every non-commercial aircraft requires an inspection yearly. I'm told that the first annual of a newly purchased plane is the most expensive. I really hope so, all I needed to have done was the main gear replaced (the chrome down tubes were badly pitted) and a cylinder on the engine replaced (the compression was 48/80 - normal is 65-78/80). Luckily these problems were found during the pre-buy inspection and the final cost was a little less the the estimate.

I Passed My Check Ride

October 1st, 2003

I passed!

The weather wasn't the most cooperative so I took the oral on one day and had to schedule the flight test twice before I could go up. I am told that everyone thinks they failed their test and I guess I was no exception. While I am sure I could do better, my examiner, Bob, said I did a fine job and only flying would make me better.

Thanks to Bob and Erich in helping me accomplish this task in such a short time.

First Trip - Block Island

To fly over the water on our first trip out, we have to have faith in our new plane, right?

Of course Sharon came along to assess her investment.

A Flyover my office - Marlborough, MA

The breakfast that was not meant to be

On one our first trips alone, Sharon and I were heading out for a breakfast to Minuteman Airport. Unfortunately the weather didn't cooperate and we had to cancel. Can't really tell it from these pictures, but take my word it was turning nasty. Ended up having a nice breakfast in Mansfield, about 4 miles from home. Oh well.

Oh ya, that is Clem looking out the window. You'll need to ask Sharon about it, it's just too embarrassing for me.

A Trip to Chatham with Liz

We took our friend Liz to Chatham to have breakfast with her dad. A really great ride!

The previous picture is REALLY a different picture of Sharon. When I fly, it seems all the pictures are of me, the scenery or of friends we bring along.

Returning from a breakfast in Nantucket

Seems most of these flights have a meal associated with them. Guess I better watch out or I'll over gross our little plane.

Just in case you're wondering. There was no little animal (we call them guys) with us on this flight. Freidlich was supposed to come but he was very tired from a stressful Patriot's season.

Some Links (local and otherwise)

pilotGEEK Briefer for Windows


The pilotGEEK Brifer for windows is a free stand-alone version of the original pilotGEEK briefer.


Download here: Click to Install pgBriefer on your Windows Pc


Piper Aircraft Corp, Supplement No. 2, Center of Gravity Range for Model PA-28-180

This airplane flight manual supplement is applicable to aircraft with serial numbers 28-671 to 28-3072, inclusive when piper part no. 65280-00 tube-landing gear strut piston is installed.

Serial numbers 28-3073 to 28-5859 may use this supplement with no additional modification to the aircraft.

Download here: PA-28-180, Supplement No. 2

Weight & Balance Spreadsheet

The Weight & Balance Spreadsheet will allow you to efficiently calculate a 180C's balance based upon loading. Additionally it will calculate crosswinds and recommended take off and landing rolls based upon POH operating limitations.

Download here: PA-28-180, Supplement No. 2 Weight and Balance Calculator

PA28-180 Checklist

Here is the checklist I developed for my 180. I like many others tried commercial and other public domain versions but found them inadequate for various reasons. You will note that there are multiple "fullest fuel" checks. This is primary due to my engine quitting during taxi after a short stop.

For durability, I laminate mine with a laminator I found at OfficeMax and find it holds up very well.

Download here: PA-28-180, Pre-Flight Checklist

Stay tuned. There will be more to come.

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